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Project Summary

Scott Forrest is a self-employed driving instructor based in Falkirk, Scotland. Scott approached us with the challenge of modernising his logo to help his company to stand out against the competition.

When researching competitors, we found that a lot of driving school logos overused the colour red as part of their branding. From understanding Scott’s needs we steered away from the obvious and implemented the colour green as a key design choice, offering more positive connotations and suitability for the logo.

The icon we created combines three key elements:

1. The tree encompasses Scott’s surname (Forrest) and is a symbol that is associated with growth.

2. The road lines within the design keep the logo appropriate for the industry, recognisable from a glance as a driving school.

3. The arrow pointing up is evocative of success, which we hope is true for Scott’s business moving forward and all of his students!

“ Will Paterson’s team were incredibly detailed, thorough, and robust. Often with design projects, you get just that, a design, but their expertise in developing brands at all different stages really sets them apart and guides you on the “bigger picture” and the critical role each design element plays.

Highly professional, incredibly responsive all while helping us discover our brand identity. Best business decision we've made."
Chelsea Drake, Co-Owner at Raspaderia
“ Will and his team have also done a fantastic job with the logo and brand asset design. Our company combines consultancy work with more creative projects, so we needed assets that would reflect our brand personality, help us gain the trust of our corporate clients, while also bringing in some of our fun and edgy side into the mix. Will has been able to find the perfect balance between the two, and we're incredibly pleased with what he has created for us.
Overall, it's been a pleasure working with Will and his team and we would highly recommend them to anyone!"
Soraya Farrag, Founder/Director at Mosaic
“ Paterson Design ended up knowing what I wanted even more than I knew myself! My new logo is fantastic and not something I’ll be changing anytime soon! They’ve done such a good job I probably won’t ever need them again!
Scott Forrest, Owner at Forrest Driver Training
“ Working with Will was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Not only did he provide exceptional help and understanding when it came to my brand vision and goals, he was also able to execute that vision above and beyond what I was expecting. It genuinely felt like Will was equally invested in wanting to create a great logo and overall brand identity for me as I was – something I think is very hard to find. He was also remarkably patient throughout the process, guiding me through anything that I was unsure about or needed time to think on.I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to seriously invest in their brand identity and logo design – 10/10."
James Jani, YouTube Creator
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